Raven XT documentation mystery


I’m posting to this forum because the Airlink ALEOS hardware topic forum was closed last year.

I have a Raven XT V2227-V modem that worked flawlessly in the field for two years with Verizon. It was shutdown (i.e, removed from the field with the Verizon account suspended) and restarted a couple of times during this period. No reprogramming of the modem was required upon reactivation of the Verizon account. In trying to restart it two days ago with a new setup with Verizon, the Network, Signal, and Activity LEDs blink every 2 seconds.

The User Guide indicates this is due to an Authorization Failure. The user guide doesn’t elaborate on what this is or what to do about it. Verizon technical support has the same manual and has no more knowledge of what this means.

I am posting this in the Documentation Feedback forum for lack of a more appropriate place to put it.

Anyone know what this error is and what can be done?

Peter Wilde
ADH Environmental


You can take help of your distributor.