Raven XE - Changing password?


I have a rather large distribution of gateways in the wild, and they’re using a company standard password. Recent changes to our policies require changing the password on these devices.

There are about 800 of them.

I’d prefer to write an application to manage the fleet, rather than manually login to each modem and change them each time the password policy requires changing the password.

What I DON’T see is/are any forum posts on this subject - am I missing something? The password is not changeable using regular AT commands, and if it is, the documentation is missing this particular subject.

Any help would be apreciated.



Hi Mike,

Sorry for the delay in answering.
Did you talk about this with your distributor ? from what I understand I strongly recommend you investigate the AirVantage Management Service tool which you might find useful to remotely change configuration of you entire fleet thanks to the template mechanism

sierrawireless.com/en/produc … rvice.aspx

Please feel free to contact me in private if you are interested in.