Raven XE default user password

I have some older Raven XEs and am trying to change the default ‘viewer’ password. When I log into them with the ‘user’ password and try to change the password for the viewer user, it prompts me for the current password. The default password is not listed on the physical modem nor can I find a reference of it in any of the manuals. Does anyone know the viewer user’s default password for Raven XEs?

Try 12345
It’s normally the default.


I tried ‘12345’, ‘password’, and blank with no luck. I can’t seem to find this documented anywhere.

Hi nanojay,

If you can’t log in using the default password, which Jay pointed out, is 12345, then you need to factory reset the device by holding down the reset button for at least 30 seconds. Also, to my knowledge, the Viewer does not exist in the Raven XT/XE/X devices.