Radio OFF and still Network is ready

Hello, I’m using both GX450 and RV50x modems with ALEOS version 4.8.1 B006.

The Setup:
I’m Connected to the modem by a USB connection, without ETH connection. SIM card is installed and working, the reception is good.

The Problem:
I’m setting the modems in AT command to AT*RADIO_CONNECT=0, and verifying that it succeeded.
When I ask AT*NETSTATE? it reply’s “Network Ready” is it OK ? and how come its ready, there should be no connection.

Question 2
The modem has a Network Watchdog timer. this WD works even if I set the Radio=OFF ? or when the mechanism “knows” that I intentionally set it to OFF the WD will not reset the modem ?

Thanks for your help.