RV50 Reboot Question

I have a new RV50 modem running version 4.9.3 that’s been in service for abut 6 weeks, operating on the Verizon network in SW Florida, and attached to a mac minicomputer. Recently I lost the ability to reach the modem (and of course the attached computer) remotely. This morning local field support rebooted the modem alone and afterward I was able to reach both the modem (via AceManager) and the attached computer remotely.

What might of caused the modem to hangup since it had power and appeared via the display lights on the front of the unit to be functioning? Is there a way that I can internally set the RV50 to automatically reboot itself periodically - say once a day? Thank you.

There are a few reasons that could cause the device to “hang”. It could be the ALEOS operating system hangs or the data session with the carrier can also hang. I would first set the network watchdog to see if that helps with the modem rebooting itself if it loses connection.

Network Watchdog

Network Watchdog Timer
If there is no WAN connection for the time configured in this field, the gateway reboots.
Options are:
• Disable—When this field and the Accelerated Interface Scan field are set to
Disable, the gateway never reboots as a result of lack of network connectivity.
• 5 Minutes
• 10 Minutes
• 15 Minutes (Default)
• 30 Minutes
• 45 Minutes
• 1 Hour

If you do want to setup a periodic reboot the option exists on the Admin > Advanced tab

Thank you for your reply.

I set up the periodic reboot yesterday for 24 hour reboots and will watch and see how that works.

I didn’t see the Network Watchdog Timer option. Were is it located?

WAN/Cellular > General At the bottom

Got it - Tks.

It was already set to 15 minutes.

Hello, does the Accelerated Interface Scan field also need to be enabled in order for the watchdog to reset the unit after the set time period?