Cellular Watchdogs & Monitors in ALEOS (RV50/50X/55)


I’m trying to wrap my head around the various watchdog, monitors, interface priorities and the interconnection between them. I’m using ALEOS 4.14 currently for the RV50/50X/55.

Particularly, I am confused about how the Network Watchdog (WAN/Cellular>General>Interface Priority>Network Watchdog), Cellular Watchdog (WAN/Cellular>Cellular>Cellular Watchdog) and the Cellular Monitor (WAN/Cellular>Cellular>Monitor).

For example, if I wanted the gateway/modem to reboot if the no traffic has gone over the cellular network in 15 minutes, where should I go to do that? I set the parameters with cellular monitor but then it only changes the interface priority? Switching the interface priority to ethernet doesn’t help me in this case.

Do then I use Cellular Watchdog? The manual doesn’t provide any real details. “When this Watchdog is enabled, the gateway reboots after several failed
attempts to attach to the mobile network.” Does that mean at bootup? Over time? If so, what interval?

My end goal is to reboot the modem based on the absence cellular traffic after a certain amount of time like the example above.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @NDJMesoH,
Cellular network watchdog means When it is enabled,the gateway reboots after several failed
attempts to attach to the mobile network

The timer will be configured as below

I tried to test on our RV50X. It works like the document description. I enabled Cellular network watchdog and set network watchdog timer = 5 minutes. The device is rebooted after 5 mins failing to attach network
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