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We use a GX450 modem on Verizon network. We’ve been having connection issues with the modem and the Verizon network. We brought this issue up with both Sierra and Verizon and so far they haven’t been able to solve the problem.

It seems that if the modem has no traffic going through it within 2 hours, a reset will occur and reboot the modem. No one is sure if the modem decided to reboot itself or if Verizon’s network told the modem to reboot. This 2 hour reboot is constant across all of our modems (200). We have a private VPN with Verizon. To verify that it was not the VPN we tested a modem on the public Verizon network, but we still experienced the same disconnects.

Does anyone here have the ability to send me their log from a GX540 modem? I would like to see if I still see the same error in the logs that we have. A modem that has been running for a few days would be greatly appreciated.

*Our modems are running up to date software.

Thank you in advance,

Hope you distributor can help you more here…



We’ve been working with them and Sierra now for 6 months to no success.

Hi Rougeot,

It sounds like you are running into the Cellular Network Watchdog. This feature is designed to reboot the gateway after several attempts to authenticate on the mobile network. If there is not traffic going through the modem for periods longer than 2 hours, then it is likely this feature causing the reboots. By default the Cellular Network Watchdog is enabled, and has its timer set to 2 hours. If you want to prevent the reboots from occurring automatically, please go to:

AceManager > WAN/Cellular (main tab) > WAN/Cellular (side tab) > Advanced > Cellular Network Watchdog = Disable.

Hope this helps!