GX440 reboots too often

We have been using GX440 as a gateway in our sites for almost 4 years. We noticed that there is a short outage in most sites happening 4 times a week or so. Initially, we thought this is a problem with our service provider (TELUS Canada). So I tried to troubleshoot it with TELUS but they observed that the modem reboots for some reason. I tried to update the firmware to but no improvement. I have seen there is another firmware ( released recently by Sierra Wireless and the release notes say “Addressed an issue which may have resulted in MC7700 radio module resets in certain circumstances”. Does anyone know if this new firmware will solve our issue? As we need to make sure that it works before updating the modem used in a live site.

Hi mahdi,

Thanks for reaching out to us for support!

4.4.4.p05 addresses an issue that was witnessed on ALEOS gateways that used the MC7700 Radio Module in conjunction with certain Canadian carriers (namely, Bell and Telus) out in the Eastern part of Canada. This resulted in the radio module sporadically crashing to protect itself from damage.

Without a log file, I am unable to confirm whether or not you’re running into the same described problem. But my senses say that it’s unrelated because the radio module crashing did not result in the modem actually power cycling itself.

Do you know who your reseller is? If not, I can reach out to them, fill them in with your described problem, and get them to contact you back for support. All I need is the serial number of the device in question to start!


Thanks for your reply. I am not sure if our reseller is TELUS or BC Hydro but I can give you the serial number of one of our modems which is 8912230000293217311. I tried to upgrade the firmware but it didn’t help. I really want to solve this issue as it causes short outages in 6 sites using LTE as a backhaul. Thanks

Hi Mahdi,
I tried to search for the number 8912230000293217311 but nothing comes up. On the bottom of the unit, there is the S/N: listed.
Should be something like LA123456…
There is also an IMEI#, if you can provide that as well, I can do a search on it.


Hi Jay,

The IMEI is 012626001358884 and the HFSN is CA12603006410. I found this information on the box belonging to the modem, as the modem is in use in a remote site. Thanks