My Sierra Wireless GX400 restarts every twenty minutes.

I have a Sierra Wireless GX400 without SIM card and I it reboots itself every 20 minutes.
When this occurs I obtain next log:
Jan 1 00:21:34 crit ALEOS_WAN_SCR: Modem is locked for more than 20 minutes = 1206, re-initializing hardware.
Watchdog settings are disabled.
If I insert a SIM card this does not occur.
Please anybody can help me?


I don’t have GX400 but from the log, it seems the restart is intended and according to ALEO user guide, the watchdog setting cannot be disabled and value range from 5 to 255.

So, why you said the watchdog settings are disabled?

Maybe it was actually configured with 20mins before?
Would you mind to test by setting watchdog with say 5 mins and observe if the time for restart change?