Q2687RD died

Q2687RD died after reflashing with DwlWin. Now it looks like cannot register in network. Cannot be restored back even with DwlWin and any other means. FAE told that Q2687RD automatically loose warranty after reflashing so do not even try to upload any firmware older than R7.43.

Remember that DWLWin sets everything back to defaults - are you sure that the requency bands, etc, are all correctly configured…

I tried everything. It seems that not everything could be restored by DwlWin.


As Q2687RD contains a new RF chipset, the only firmware that works with it will be 7.43. This might sound silly but:

  1. Are you sure you used the correct 7.43 WPK? Did you not perhaps use the WPK for the Extreme?
  2. Frequency band selection set to AT+WMBS=7 makes life easier. (ERROR is given if WCPU is not fully init’d)
  3. Does the device see the SIM and also signal? (AT+CPIN? AT+CCID AT+CSQ)


I will try out your advices.

I used BAD firmware for sure. But when I saw the module corrupted I reflashed it with VALID firmware. And it didn’t help - that’s why I wrote this post. Now my advice is - do not use bad firmware. Well, you will know that it is bad when you Q2687RD dies.