Push data from Airvantage to Google Cloud

Hi all,
I am trying to push location data from WP7702 on Airvantage to Google Cloud for analysis. I read this tutorial https://doc.airvantage.net/av/howto/cloud/googlePubSub_howto/ but I don’t understand how to config specification for Airvantage.
Does anyone know how to push data continuously to Google cloud PubSub? Please give me some suggestion about this.

Hi mrtranwin731,
May I ask which part is not clear for you?
And are you going to use both Airvantage and Google Cloud at same time?

If focusing on Google Cloud analysis, you may also consider below:


Hi Louis!
Thank you for your response. I tried this example code before but it did not work on my module. I read a thread created by the author of these code, he said that these example doesn’t work on the new version of Legato.
My case is trying to push data from Airvantage to Google Cloud Platform, it means I want to take advantage of both clouds in my project.
Hope to hear from you.

Hi Thuc,

Thanks, understand and clear you like to use the both clouds.

Are you in contact with the team about the connector? believe they can share more info to setup Airvantage<>Google Cloud.

And in that case, WP only need to be able to upload data to Airvantage server, below the guideline for that part if you haven’t go thru.