MangOH+3d print+VoLTE+database+cloud

Hi, Good day. I am using MangOH with the WP7601-4 module. I am looking for some solutions from Sierra wireless if available, such as

  1. Sending real-time location data to the cloud. Any solution?

  2. Making a query in the stored cloud database such as Google cloud and sending a decision to MangOH. Any solution?

  3. Custom MangOH enclosure. How to attach the mangOH GPS antenna in the enclosure? Any reference design or any recommended encloser supplier or 3D printing service. Any solution?

  4. Voice over Internet service or calling service. Any solution?

If you can help me with these issues, i will be grateful.



Shah Tariq

Hi @samtwireless

  1. You can use AirVantage API. Please refer to
  2. Please refer to the below websites for Google cloud
  3. Please refer to
  4. You can use Google voice.

If you need more information about the solutions, Please contact your distributor or submit “Contact Us” on for technical support.