Airvantage to Google PubSbu

*Hi all,
Does anyone succeed with the below instruction?
Google PubSub Connector
Please feedback if you did it. I can not declare my topic in Airvantage.

Hi Thuc,

what could not you do?
The topic declaration on AirVantage must be done by the support team as described in the Configuration step.


Hi Rjacolin,
From step 2 of Configuration “Step2: Supply the following information using the CRM and select Request Support…” Then, should I contact the support team for more help about Google subpuc topic declaration?

First, to be clear, the Cloud connector is a paid option so you may contact your sales manager to enable this option for you. Once this point is clear, you can process with the technical aspect by opening a ticket to the Sierra Wireless support team and supply the information in the section so that the team can configure the connector and plug it to your pub sub queue.


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Hi Mr. Tran, Thank you for requesting some support in our forum and for re-posting your question to our inside sales team on our website forms. We’ve introduced your regional sales manager via email and we’ll ask him to lead the discussion on pricing, support and availability of AirVantage. Thank you for choosing us as a trusted IoT partner.

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Thanks for replying.

I appreciate your help Kyle!

Thanks for your answer. I am studying about GCP services.