Cloud connector CRM

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently developping on the HL7810 and wanted to use the Cloud Connector to redirect my data to Azure (with an event hub).

In every “how to” or tutorials that I found there is a broken link to a cloud connector CRM.
for example :

If it is still online how can I make a cloud connector ?
If not what are the new alternatives provided by Sierra ?


Hi @mpepi,

The link you shared is still working properly. Please visit again, if it still does not work, I will send the file of that web page to you.



That web page is working but the CRM link at the step 4 sends directly to the suuport page. Without any template to fill.
What are the steps wanted in the point 4. after the link on the “CRM” ?

  • I have to send a request to the support with a “blank” template ? To the concact us button ?
  • A template should appear ?
  • Someting else ?
    To make me clearer, the link CRM send me to the page in picture. From there what should I do ? There no request support button (as describeded in the how to).


Hoping I’m clear with my issue. It’s strongly possible that I’m missing something.

Edit: µI’m vthe same person I was just on my colleague account.

I post it to close the subject.

The feature as a fee and you must contact Sierra to implement it.
It seems that the documentation is outdated