Trouble with cloud connector for iot hub


I am trying to use a cloud connector to connect a device to Azure IoT Hub. I believe I have followed this guide in detail (, but I am unable to make it work. I have also read the other topics in this forum that relate to my issue.

This is the endpoint: Octave

I want two of the devices to send telemetri to azure iot hub. I have created two devices in Azure IoT Hub and I have added a custom tag “Azure IoT Hub” in the Octave UI on the two devices. Furthermore, I have created a single cloud connector based on a tag. I have selected the service “Azure IoT Hub” and I have used the shared policy name “iothubowner” with “Device Connect” permissions.
I see no bugs or anything and the cloud connector state seems to valid, however, I do not see any messages appearing in IoT Hub. Can you help me?

I was able to make it work by using another (the new) Cloud Connector: Azure IoT Hub Device Twin.
You can enable “Telemetry” in the Tab called Telemetry. This also provides some informative warnings if some tags are missing.
Well done!!! by sierra wireless.