Having difficulty to use cloud connector to connect to Azure IoT Hub

I setup IoT Hub based on Azure IoT Hub documentation (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/iot-hub/quickstart-send-telemetry-node) and able to receive telemetry data from simulated device. However, I couldn’t get Octave Cloud Connector to work with the same device id, hub name, key & policy name. The connector disabled itself automatically after one try. Can someone give me some advice?

Hi James,

Could you provide your Octave account name and we will take a look at your connector.

Hi, David,
My Octave account name is my email address jameshorng@fortune-co.com.tw.


Hi, David,

In Azure IoT Hub Quickstart document, they asked to insert DeviceConnectionString in the simulated device. The following is the DeviceConnectionString I used in the sample program to send telemetry data to IoT Hub. .


The following the screenshot of my setting in Octave. The cloud connector will automatically disabled after device stream is send.




Hello James,

You seem to have picked-up the SharedAccess key of your Device.

What you need to enter are the name and SharedAccessKey of one of the Shared Access Policies of the IoT Hub itself.
And this policy must include the “device connect” option as indicated here: https://docs.octave.dev/docs/pushing-events-via-cloud-connectors#creating-an-azure-iot-hub-cloud-connector

Pick up the Primary key and the Policy name From the Shared Access Policies section of you IoT Hub management page


Hi, Augustin,
Thanks for your support. I can push events to IoT Hub through cloud connector now.