How to configure to send location data to cloud

I’m referring to following URL.

Now, I’m trying to configure “Custom Deployment” but there is “No available items” in “Subscription” as follows.

How can I show like “Octave-Stage” ???

I’m not familiar with to use cloud platform like Azure so sorry for the basic question.

Thank you.

BTW, I’m using mangOH Red board and try to send and show location data with map like


We now have a connector that simplifies the IoT Central integration: Pushing Events via Cloud Connectors

I would recommend you to use this approach, we will soon remove the part of the documentation you are refering to.

I order to report location, you will need to enable the location sensor, report it in a Stream (thanks to an Observation) and collect data from that stream as Telemetry forwarded to IoT Central.
In IoT Central, you need to create a Location Telemety item as part of your device template