HL78xx and AZURE IoT Hub


Has anyone successfully connected to azure with the HL78xx module via TCP/SSL?
I connect with AWS fine but there seems to be a problem with azure and i’m guessing its root certificates that don’t quite work with the module.


Hi hkiol,

Which type of authentication are you using: server or mutual?

Have you stored root CA to the module by command AT+KCERTSTORE=0 ?


Hi @jerdung ,

I am using mutual authentication and have stored all the certificates correctly. I have successfully done the same procedure with no problems for AWS so I suspect my methodology is correct. I also configured all the cipher suites. Could it be that the module doesn’t support any suite from AZURE? I’ll double check again.

The certifications I use for AZURE are correct as I connect OK with them from an MQTT client (MQTTfx). So all configurations from the AZURE side seem to be fine.

I am just unable to connect with the module.


Please check supported cipher suits with your AZURE. You can get supported list or configure cipher suite at pages 169-171 in document below: