Problems with registration

Hi everyboby,

Im marcos from spain and i have 2 wavecom fastrack supreme conected with a PC by rs232.

With one modem, i can register on the network (+CREG: 0,1)
With the other modem i can’t. (+CREG: 0,0)

The configuration is the same in the two (cops automatly, the same wmbs, etc)

With the other modem, i have good siganl cuality and with at+cops=? i can see all the operators and the own of the SIM.

Is it so difficult to register on the network? Any help?

Have you tried swapping the SIMs?

Have you spoken to your supplier?

Thanks for your answer.

I use 2 SIM from two different networks (movistar, and vodafone)

Our supplier is an online store called and they haven’t idea.

When I write “at+cops=?” I see something like:

“(3, movistar spain, movistar, 21000), (0, vodafone spain, vodafone, 21005), etc”

Vodafone (the sim network) has 0 in the first position (number in red). I think that this 0 should be the problem because is not available (number 1). The network with 3 are prohibiter. I use automatic network.

AT+wmbs? ------------> 5,0
at+creg? ----------> 0,0

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becasue are in other mode