Network registration problem


I picked up a funny network registration problem with a fastrack supreme.

The network indication LED starts blinking a few seconds after startup but at+creg? returns 0,0. The problem is not with the SIM and network reception. I thought it might be some setting on the module, but I went through all the network registration AT commands and tried at&f but it keeps doing it. The module won’t register to the network but the LED keeps on flashing.

The problem happens with and without an OpenAT app running, and only with this one module.

Could it be that the network is blocking the IMEI? Any suggestions?



It seems a firmware update fixed the problem…not sure why, because its not the firmware version that was the problem, I reloaded the same firmware and it works fine now…interesting :unamused:

I think this must mean that you had somehow mis-configured the device.

Re-loading the firmware re-applied the default settings - so it worked again… :question: