The Fastrack Supreme doesn't register in the network

Hello everybody,

I’m having some troubles with my Fastrack Supreme 20. The thing is, that it can’t register in the network and I really don’t know why.

In the hyperterminal appears this:
+CREG: 1,2


I know what the 1 and the 2 means, but I can’t imagine, why the ME can’t register. I recently updated the firmware to R74, because the ME had the R6.63 and with the m2m i couldn’t download things on the device and even before this “update” I could send some SMS’s with a program, that I found in the web. When I checked the signal status with the AT+CSQ appeared 99,99… but i haven’t chance my “workspace”, the device is in the same place as before. I start thinking that the new firmware made this!!! or maybe isn’t it… any ideas???



Check the frequency band setting.

That’s with the “AT+WMBS” Command (Wavecom Multi-band Selection Command )???
'cuz I already tried all posible bands and didn’t work… is there another way to change o “check” that??? My currently band is 900E 1800…

or maybe with the “Registration control +WREGC”??? I’m a little bit desperate, neither the hyperterminal nor Expresso can register in the network :imp:

ok… awneil as always you are right…

I had to change the band, but I had to wait a little bit in order to let the device make the registration method. After that, the LED started blinking.