Basic Communication with Fastrack Supreme


Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum and hope someone can help.

I used to be a programmer, and am now just consultant and trying to help a client get the Fastrack to work with some packaged software. The software basically semds SMS messages through the FT, which is cinnected to a serial port. I do know the software works as other clients use it (not mine), but am having trouble getting this one to work. Basically the software loads and continually tries to communicate with the device but doesnt get a response, so I’m now trying to just ‘talk’ to the FT to make sure it is actually there and ‘live’.

I’ve been using the old ‘Terminal’ program - and using simple AT commands to try get a response - but getting nothing.

The added complication is that the FT is connected to a USB to Serial converter cable - and I’m not 100% sure which COM port that provides - so trying them all.

Is there a simple idiot way of making sure that the device is actually working and taking commands.

Thanks for any help



Look in Device Manager - that tells you what ports you’ve got.

Look at which one disappears when you unplug the adaptor!

Yes - using a terminal program!

You could try this: 8)


Thanks awNeil - thats great. Downloaded and tried that utility.

Found the COM port - connected - and some of the commands work. Can see the Networks availanble…

BUT _ doesn’t come back with the SIM N o - I get an error code of ‘4’.

Have tried 2 different SIMS, an Orange and a T-Mobile - same result.

Any ideas for next step diagnosis ?




So you have achieved your first goal - the device is connected & responding to commands.

Look-up eror code 4 in the AT Commands document…


Duhhhh!!! What a dummy.

Didn’t slide the little black thing over the SIM - presumably this turns it ON.

Can now get to it - and have successfully sent a message using manual commands AT+CMGS…

The package software is still not initialising, but at least I know the SIM and device are ok. I guess I’ll have to go back to the software company support desk.

Thanks for you help



Hopefully, they will have some sort of diagnostics and/or logging to see the exchanges with the modem and, thus, identify the problem…

You’re welcome - where shall i send the invoice…? :laughing: