Device not responding with Windows 2003 Server


I have recently purchased Wavecom Fastrack Supreme 10 in Indonesia to use it for one of our web application. The reseller passed us the modem and asked us to install by ourselves as per the manual. We did exactly the same thing mentioned in the modem but we are not able to communicate to the device.

I need your help to solve the issues.

My application is a web based application and I need to send SMS alerts to the users. The server we use is Windows 2003 64 bit server (currently we tested with Win 2003 32 bit server). We did the following;

  1. Connected the device through serial port of the Server
  2. Inserted the sim card
  3. Switched on the power
  4. Created the hyper terminal.
  5. It says connected and the time is running but when I type the AT command I cannot see anything on the hyper terminal screen and nothings comes even after I press enter button.

The reseller came onsite and tested but he could not solve the problem. I badly help from somebody to solve this issue as I am running out time. Would appreciate if anybody could help me out in this.

Thanks & Regards

Have you try to connect to the Fastrack with an other computer?
Anyway try with the Wavecom tools (M2M Studio or Terminal Emulator) to autodetect baudrate (you must configure them if you want all baudrates to be checked).
If also it doesn’t work try to reflash the Fastrack with the DLWin (checke in the history of this forums the correct usage of BOOT pin for this issue).
I hope any of this will help.