Hyperterminal Connection to Fastrack Supreme 10

Dear all,

I am currently having problems connection to a Fastrack Supreme 10 using Hyperterminal. When i give commands like AT, it sends back strange characters when i type.

Connection Properties are:
Bps: 9600
Databits: 8
Parity None
Stopbits: 1
Datatransp: Hardware

When i connect a Wavecom Fastrack M1306b i have none of these problems and everything works OK with these settings.

Any idea’s how to resolve this ?



Usually indicates that the serial port settings are wrong - most commonly the baud rate.

Are you sure that the baud rate hasn’t been fixed at something other than 9600…?

If you use the Target Monitoring Tool, can it autodetect the baud rate?

I am not familiar with the Target Monitoring Tool software. Is it freeware? Can you place a direct link to the software. I did some googling and searching on the site but can’t seem to find te download link.

I agree that this should be a baud rate setting ! Maybe i skipped one in the hyperterminal predifined settings.


PS: The Unit came fresh out of the box.

It’s part of the Open-AT SDK.

Free download from the ‘Products’ page, or ask your Distributor.

Solved. baud rate was 110 out of the box

Now that is an odd thing!

Had your distributor specifically set it that way for some reason?

Did you buy it “used”?