COPS insufficient list on M1306B

Hello All,

I have a Fastrack 1306B with firmware 6.57c and when using the AT+COPS=? command the modem only responds with 1 of the 3 expected operators. When I try this in a Q2686 Dev Kit (the same SIM card),the modem picks up the operators and connects to the home operator.

When trying to connect manually I just get +CME ERROR: 529 (Selection failure – emergency calls only).

I have reinstalled the firmware on the Fastrack but there is no change. When using an older version 6.40 it picks up 2 out of 3 operators.

Does anyone maybe have any suggestions as to why this is happening? I am thinking of getting a firmware version before 6.57 and trying that.

Thanks in advance,

What are the relative signals levels between the Fastrack and Q2686?

Maybe the Fastrack has a poor antenna?

Afternoon awneil,

The signals are more or less the same.
Q2686: 28, Fastrack: 24 and when I swap the antenna’s
Q2686: 24, Fastrack: 23.

I got the operator SIM card that the Fastrack sees but it still does not want to connect to the MS. Tries to attach the whole time but with no avail :frowning:


I’m facing this same problem. Do someone have an update? I’ve tryied two different SIMs and different places, and nothing worked.

Does the Dev Kit have some kind of special IMEI?

I seem to remember that there have been threads before where there’s been some issue like this…?

Maybe it’s the network operator that won’t allow “roaming” with the Fastrack’s IMEI… :question:

Will the SIM register to the different networks in a phone?