AT+COPS? command query


I am testing my device (HL7800) and it seems to not be able to find any network.

+COPS: 0

What does this response mean?
all other configuration is correct and tested with other devices successfully but with different sim cards.
For example I am getting this response on a different sim card: +COPS: 0,0,“”,9
(this device is in a different country also)


+COPS: 0

This means operator selection is done in automatic mode.

You also need to check if it can register network.

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So why do these two devices have different modes?
Prior to changing sim cards, the device that is in automatic mode as you said worked as expected and gave this response when tested with 1nce: +COPS: 0,0,“”,9

Why is operator selection done automatically now?
I came across this issue when changing sim cards in the device.


You also need to check if it can register network

It cannot register network

then that is why +COPS is not showing operator name

Ok so just to be clear on my part. This means that the module can’t find the network or that it can’t connect to it?

But why would that be? It has connected to different networks before.
Could it have anything to do with the device switching countries?


you can type AT+COPS=? and see if it can find the network.

For example:


+COPS: (1,"1O1O",,"45400",9),(0,"China Mobile HK","CMHK","45412",9),(3,"SmarTone HK","SMC HK","45406",9),(0,"3","3","45403",9),,(0-3),(0-2)