"NO CARRIER" -- reward if someone can help


I’ve been able to establish a connection between my computer and my modem. It looks like the signal is good (AT+CSQ returns +CSQ: 15,0). However, I am not able to successfully use the AT+COPS or AT+CREG commands. ATA returns NO CARRIER

My configuration:
Wavecom Fastrack M1213A (900 / 1900 MHz)
Cingular SIM Card
Location: United States

Any help is much appreciated.

If someone can spend a bit of time to make the connection work, I’ll send him or her an iPOD. Seriously.

What do you mean by that?
Do You just mean you can send “AT” and receive the “OK” reply?

Have you been through the troubleshooting guide in the Fastrack Manual?

Yes, that should be sufficient.

What is the LED on the modem doing?

What do you mean, “not successfully use”?
What responses do you get to these commands?

Have you set AT+CMEE=1 to get the extended error codes?
What codes did you get?

Do you have a valid SIM in the modem?

Data call, voice call, or both?


Here are my answers:
Do You just mean you can send “AT” and receive the “OK” reply?
Answer: Correct.

What is the LED on the modem doing?
Answer: The red LED is ON all the time. It flashes (turns OFF and ON) every 30 seconds. Note: my modem is the Wavecom Fastrack M1213A (900 / 1900 MHz).

What responses do you get to these commands? (AT+COPS or AT+CREG )
Answer: I get “ERROR”. When AT+CMEE=1 is set, I get “+CME ERROR: 3”. It seems to be “Operation not allowed”.

Do you have a valid SIM in the modem?
Answer: It is a Cingular SIM card that works well in a mobile phone. I can unlock it through the modem.

I’ll be happy to provide more information. Just let me know.

I am experiencing the exact same difficulty with a M1213A Fastrak.
I am using Rogers Wireless in Canada 1900Mhz.
We you able to find a solution? I can’t seem to track the trouble.

What do you mean by that?

Seems I’ve had the same trouble as the original poster. I had simply done a firmware update and everything seems to be running smoothly now.

Sounds like a firmware update solves the problem for the M1213A Fastrak.
Could you highlight the procedure to perform this firmware update?

Thanks a bunch. Looking forward to having the omdem up and running.

Actually the procedure was fairly simple if you follow the instructions provided. I simply went to the homepage of wavecom, searched for M1213. It provided me with instructions and firmware for the modem. Everything you need is in the manual for firmware upgrade - I believe it was a easy read 4 page document. Good luck! You should have no problem - it is important you have a fully-wired serial cable. If you do not have a fully wired serial cable, I have some here I could sell you.

for my understanding, can you tell what exactly AT commands you already send?
for example:
if you dont put AT+cpin=XXXX (where xxxx is the pin of your sim {you should see the manual that has the chip or call cingular}) you will no get connection thats for sure

try for example
for see whats goin on.
but all the AT Commands you send it would be nice. to see how you send me the ipo…cof cof, solve the problem.

Best Regards

Note that this thread originated very nearly a year ago, and hasn’t had a post for 10 months - so it’s probably a bit late to be asking for additional info now! :open_mouth:

No, it’s not “for sure”.

If no PIN has been set on the SIM, then no AT+CPIN command is needed!


I’m having the same problem reported by ‘cbr’ along time ago.

at+cgmm reports --> MULTIBAND 900E 1800
at+cgmr reports --> 663_09gg.FSU002 1955080 080207 16:01

I’ve tested the SIM with a cell phone, and everything it’s ok (PIN, calling, etc).

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance.