Why I Cannot handshake?

I am a newbie, and i started to work with a fastrack supreme.

To start i read the Sending and Receiving Faxes guide v2.
Via the M2M console, i can properly talk to modem.

here is what i have setup

Q:0 V:1 S0:003 S2:043 S3:013 S4:010 S5:008
+CR:0 +CRC:0 +CMEE:1 +CBST:6,0,0
+SPEAKER:1 +ECHO:0 &C:1 &D:2 %C:0
+IPR:115200 +ICF:3,4 +IFC:2,2

i can call the modem, wich properly responds after 3 rings, but even if I do an ATA by hand i cannot hear the classic fax handshake whistle telling that there is a fax connection going.

when I do a at+ceer i get sometime Error: 16 or Error:241

There is somewhere a comprehensive lists of the error codes with their explanations?

Thank you four you patience. :slight_smile:

Are you sure your SIM is enabled for Fax service :question:

See: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=3133&p=11624&hilit=fax#p11624
And: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3272&p=12526&hilit=fax#p12526

Yes - it is an appendix at the end of the AT Commands manual.

Many of the +CME ERROR and +CMS ERROR codes are standard (specified by GSM) - so google will give useful results…

i have done an at+crc=1 and found that the incoming call is interpreted as a voice call!
So the problem is the provider?!? (i am in italy)

I am trying to understand: a data call is distingushed by the provider and not by the call itself? So it could be possible that even if I do a modem call to the Fastrack modem and if the sim is not “data enabled” it cannot understand that is a data call?

I have another M1306B connected to a Davis Weather Station that seems have a similar problem (stopped working, it responds but does not send out the handshake…)

I think I would call the provider…

Thank you! :slight_smile:


today I have solved all my problems. After some days in the hands of the provider call centers, I discovered that the sim curretly I have also has two additional “secret” phone numbers.
So the sim has a total of three different phone numbers.
one for the voice call, one for the data call and one for the fax calls.
Now, without changing the sim in the modem:

If I call the “Voice” number i get:
If I call the “Data” phone number i get:
If I call the “Fax” phone number i get:

and with +CRING: VOICE the modem does not handshake.

So, remember: give the sim serial number to the provider call center and ask directly what is the “Data” phone number! this could save time…

Hope this help people having the same issue.

Some networks do not pre-assign Data (or fax) numbers - you have to specifically request them.

Not all networks provide Data numbers and, if they do, they may only be available on certain types of subsciption.
eg, in the UK, none of the networks except Vodafone will provide a Data number on a pre-pay service.