Accept Call From Landline modem

The Wavecom Fastrack Supreme is a very powerfull bit of kit, but this new user is finding it not able to do the most basic task of a modem - accept a call & connect to another modem, if that modem is not GSM.

I can dial into another wavecom GSM modem and I accept a call from another wavecom GSM modem. However although I can answer a call from a landline modem, the wavecom does not appear to send any answer tones and the two modems fail to connect.

I have previously (some years ago) had success with this with an earlier Wavecom product, so I’m sure that the product has probably advanced and now I need to enable/disable some setting via the AT interface.

My supplier suggests it may be down to my mobile network operator (Vodafone). How likely is this? Are there recommended network operators for landline to GSM connections?

Extremely likely - a certainty, in fact!

You require a specifically-allocated Data Number to accept incoming data calls from a landline modem.

What country(ies) are you in?

In the UK, Vodafone is the only operator that will provide a Data Number for a pre-pay SIM; all the others require a contract.

You just have to phone the customer service line and ask for one (but be prepared for some difficulty in explaining to them that it’s not a phone - avoid the issue if at all possible!)

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Thankyou for your very prompt reply.

We are with Vodafone and we already have a monthly contract, therefore we should have a data number available to us. I will now attempt the difficult job of finding out my own data number.

I will post back here with the results when I have my data number so others can learn from this.

No, I don’t think that’s (necessarily) true - a Data Number will (probably) not have beed allocated unless you specifically requested it.

You can’t find it out for yourself (especially if it hasn’t been assigned yet) - you have to request it from Vodafone Customer Service.


Yes that was it. Now I have my data number, when I dial that one I can connect from my landline modem.

Thanks to Awneil, not only for the right answer but for the quick response to.

Hi, I have similar problem for respondig calls from landline modem. I have a WM1480 fastrack. When I make a call from the fastrack to the landline I can establish a connection, but when I make a call from the landline modem to the Fastrack it says “VOICE” and then says “OK”. There are no negotiation between the modems and obviosly I can’t send any character. How can I put this modem in data mode? Thanks in advance.

Just like my problem you need to know the DATA number of the sim and dial that number instead of the VOICE number. You need to ask your mobile network operator (that you got the Sim from) what your data number is.

And, as previously mentioned, you need to understand that not all Operators will provide Data numbers on all of their various Tariffs…

I have spoked with my operator and they told me both voice and data numbers are the same…This is crazy. Are you sure that the fastrack does not need to be configurated?

IF you do AT+CRC=1, What indication, precisely, do you get at the Fastrack when you call it with a Data call?

Again, your local Distributor should be able to advise you regarding the particular local practices of networks available in your area.

And if I make and AT+CEER it says to me Error 16 but I dont have any pin or password.

So the call is being deliverd to the device as a VOICE call - not a data call. Therefore the modem cannot answer it as a Data call - because it isn’t!

I suspect that whoever you spoke to was talking rubbish - you need a Data number!
(either that, or they have some other special trick to distinguish a Data call).

Think about it: if the call comes from an analogue landline, how can the network tell if it was dialled by a person at a phone, or dialled by a modem?
It can’t - which is why they usually use separate numbers to determine the type of call.
(you would have yet another different number if you wanted incoming Fax calls).

Again, your Distributor should be able to help you with this.

That’s not a +CME ERROR; that’s a call clearing cause - you’re looking in the wrong table!

Call clearing cause 16 is “Normal Call Clearing” - ie, the call was hung-up in the normal manner (as far as the Network is concerned)