How to answer a call in Fastrack Supreme 20

Hi, All

I’m new in Fastrack. I’m studying about Call service, and i don’t know how to answer a voice call, and if i setup a call to a fix number, what things i have to do when that number answer the call? please help me.

By the way, please explain me how is a SIM which support data mode?

Thanks a lot!

The SIM is the “key” that gives you access to services on the cellular network. Hence, If your “contract” or “subscription” or “plan” or whatever you have with your service provider includes data services, we say that the “SIM supports data services”

You need to discuss with your service provider precisely what services are available to you; they will advise you how to access additional services, if needed - which will probably involve additional fees and may require that they issue you with a new SIM…


in order to answer a call, you have to issue ATA.
In order to setup a call to a fix number, you have to issue ATDxxxxxx; (don’t forget the ; at the end of the number in case of a voice call). If the call is answered by the other part, you have nothing to do on your side. If headset is correctly connected to the FSU, you should get audio on both sides.

You will find many more information on these AT commands in the AT commands guide.