Problem when i try to connect to gsm modem


I have a Fastrack M1306 connected to a laptop(“laptop 1”) with a Sim card and a datanumber. On another laptop(“laptop 2”) i have a internal modem. This modem is connected to a PSTN line. If i use Hyperterminal or another program to connect from laptop 1 to laptop 2 i get a connection(9600bps) and i can send characters from the one to the other.
If i try to connect laptop 2 to laptop 1, i can hear that he try to get a connection. After 20 seconds the Fastrack gives the message"CONNECT 9600". Afther another 5 seconds the Fastrack gives the message “NO CARRIER”
I think the problem is that the internal modem is to fast, or the Fastrack is to slow.
Has anybody knows any solution?


That means that the modems have successfully connected.

That means that the connection has been lost for some reason.

Try AT+CEER to see the cause.

That shouldn’t be the case as you do get the “CONNECT 9600”


The cause of disconnection is the timeout on the computer. If there is no connection 60 seconds after dailing the number the computer will hangup.
If i change this timeout to 300 seconds the computer hangsup after 300 seconds. But there will be no connection.
If i make the connection from laptop 1 to laptop 2, there wil be a connection after about 30 seconds. The sound during the handshake sounds like a normal dailup isp connection.
If i try to make a connection from laptop 2 to laptop 1 this sound is different. It look like it hangs druing the handshake.

sorry for the grammatical mistakes i am not that good in english. i hope it is not a problem.


But the Fastrack is saying “CONNECT 9600” - so the connection is being established.

It looks like your computer is not properly recognising that the connection has established.

How does the computer recognise that the connection has established?

Have you tried this using just basic terminal emulators; eg, Hypoterminal?


I using Hyperterminal for the connection with the internal modem.

If looks like that the handshaking goes wrong when i connect from laptop 2 to laptop 1.