FASTRACK M1306B - comunication problems


Hi there
I’ve this model: FASTRACK M1306B connected to a server with a standard cable provided with the modem

reading another posts i disable pin 3 (boot) and 13 (ring indicator) by removing the pin.

But using hyperterminal no response from device and red light continuosly blinking red on device.

How i can connect properly this device?
I must have the device recognized under server?

any suggestion?

thanx a lot


Surely, the standard cable provided with the modems is specifically designed to connect the modem’s 15-pin connector to a PC’s 9-pin connector?! :confused:
You should not be modifying it in any way! :open_mouth:

What posts(s)?
Provide the link(s)!

Which connector are you referring to - the 15-way, or the 9-way?

Why are you removing pins??!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:



i removed pin 15 and 3 by cut them in 15 pin connector!

here where i read removing pin: … php?t=1120

Now, if the pin 3 and 15 is removed…the device is fully funcional?

I think i’m very stupid man!!!


are you saying you read your own post?


sorry, i’ve linked my post!!!

here where i read: … php?t=1014