problem with 'run' button


then a run fails due to compiler errors, a second run can’t be started.
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Are you sure you don’t have any instance of your application currently running?
You can verify it by going to the Debug perspective, which lists the current running sessions. If there is still a running one, you can kill it by pressing the stop button.


how do you mean ‘application running’ ?
i’m compiling for [target]arm-elg-gcc-debug.
when i press ‘run’, it usually downloads the program (after successful compile) to my module and switches to the debug perspective.
when it encounters a compile error, i tell it to not continue the download.
then, when i’ve repaired the error, and i press the ‘run’ button again, the above error pops up.
the cpu isn’t even connected at that moment.

the program is always running when i download a new program.


Ok I didn’t catch you was cancelling the download by answering “no” to the question about “continue launching”.
The issue is reproduced, and logged to be fixed in a future release (thanks for the feedback).

If even you fall in this issue, you unfortunately have to restart M2M Studio :frowning:
Just to avoid falling in this trap, when M2M Studio is asking you if you want to continue launching since there are errors in the project, say “Yes”
:arrow_right: the previous binary will be downloaded; you can deal with it or press the cancel button during the download: both cases won’t “lock” M2M Studio, and you will be able to relaunch the app once the compile errors will be fixed.


if i ma add another problem with the ‘run’ button workflow.

A problem arises with the trace function when using this button.
i have traces running on the previous program-run, but when the run-function is done uploading and switches to the target perspective, it doesn’t reset the trace status!
so when i try to start the traces, my module actually resets as if the traces were stopped!


Yet another known problem with the Target Management workflow, planned to be fixed in 1.2 release.


thanks :slight_smile: good to know


another problem i noticed using the ‘run’ button:

if uploading the program to the module failes, is fails silently!
i’ve had a number off occasions now that the program “download” never starts, but the module is rebooted and there is no indication that the new program is not loaded into the module


Please give more precision: does the download not start at all, or it starts and is interrupted during the process for an unknown reason?


after succesfull compilation, is says downloading, but no percentage is shown.
after a short while, eclipse switches to the target perspective and the module is restarted.


If you can find a procedure to reproduce the issue, please advise: we’ve never encountered or heard of this kind of issue.


unfortunately i can’t reproduce it concistently,
stopping my application (at+wopen=0) does always fix the issue though.

I remember now that i used to have issues like this from the beginning of M2M Studio
even with the manual upload function.

I was then (and still am) using a ftdi based usb-> serial converter

it seems to be connected to my program using up a lot of the cpu-processing power

Wip is started over GPRS, tcp socket has been opened, I2c and SPI are accessed every TICK.

the problem doesn’t occure before the GPRS bearer has been opened.

it even occures before the gprs -bearer is started,
running the I2C and SPI at every TICK is enough to trigger this behaviour.


TBW. the solution you propose doesn’t work either, because the build proces first removers the old file.
so it can’t upload.
so i still have to restart M2M studio/

(can’t wait for that fix :wink: )


OK, we will investigate on this to reproduce and fix this behaviour.


ok, skip my comment on running I2C and SPI.

having traces still running is the source of the problem.