M2M crashes

Hi, i’m going to use this topic to log all my M2M studio crashes.

latest one happened while pressing the ‘connect’ button in the Target management perspective

and it just hung on hitting “clean” on my project…
(no error log because of that.)

Yay, another one,
this time i was connected and i pressed the ‘run’ button.
after compiling the program, M2M died trying to download.

oeps it did it again

started M2M studio, builded my project, pushed the ‘run’ button.

and M2M disappeared

i’m getting the feeling it might be related to the module still outputting TRACE information.

It’s not a surprise, we have instability problems regarding all stuff around Target Management (and it seems to occur more often when using serail/USB converters) :frowning:
The bad news are that the new 1.1.1 release doesn’t bring any enhancements regarding these bad behaviours.
The good news are that we are from now starting a complete rework of the Target Management for 1.2.0 release, including:

  • Making it not depending on Selima anymore (which is the source of a lot of instabilities)
  • Consequently, a Target Management support on Linux
  • Various other features we’ve lost regarding good old Target Monitoring Tool (backtraces decoding, external COM frames rerouting, etc…)

Where does version 1.1.0 place it’s error logs?

it just died on me again
while being in Target management perspective i switched to another program.

… M2M really doesn’t seem to like me :frowning:

Nothing personnal, believe me :wink:

Logs are stored in two locations.

If the error is recoverable, it will be stored in the workspace error log (.log files in the workspace .metadata directory). This log is “browsable” within M2M Studio in the Error Log view.

If the error is a JVM exception due to native code (most of times due to interractions with Selima during Target Management related operations), it should print a log in the M2M Studio installation directory (location where lies m2mstudio.exe). But sometimes no error log is printed at all.

i opened M2M studio 1.1.1
switched to target management perspective
changed my connection settings (different port number)
accidentally clicked on the shell button.
then clicked connect.
refreshed target info tree
then clicked shell button

(i just keep spamming here :wink: (helps me ventilate my frustrations :stuck_out_tongue: ))

while switching from Target management to open at perspective


I’m also seeing this ‘Crash on Connect’ behaviour - especially with a target module that is outputting lots of TRACE information.

A quick workaround (for me) is to connect to the module using a serial terminal, run AT+WOPEN=0 to stop the running application, then close the serial terminal and start M2M Studio…

ciao, Dave


I’ve given up on M2M Studio 1.1.1and reverted back to 1.0.2.

Between 80% & 90% of ‘Connect to Target’ operations resulted in an instant crash - that is the whole M2M Studio application just vanishing - no dialog boxes or anything.

When I could actually connect to my target, nearly every time I tried to download the Target application, I would get a dialog box indicating that the target was not available - then the download would (usually) happen anyway - or again, the application would crash…

I’ve been sucessfully running 1.0.2 since it was released on the same PC that I attempted to run 1.1.1 on.

Bring on 1.2 with the Target Perspective refactoring…

ciao, Dave

Sorry to hear that.
Can’t you imagine to use 1.1.1 but with old TMT for dealing with Target Management stuff… I know this is not a perfect solution (and you will loose the “build & download in one click” capability) but old M2M Studio releases are not compatible with the new package format used by Open AT Software Suite 2.31 (and the following ones…).
So maybe today you don’t have issues since you are not using the most recent packages, but you will have issues if you want to upgrade in the future…

I’m using M2MStudio 1.1.1, and haven’t had any particular issues with ‘Connect to Target’.

I use M2MStudio to do the downloads, but then use TMT for debugging…


It happens - especially to me!

I’ll give that a go - but I had really got used to the one click download and run in M2M Studio.
It’s probably something to do with the USB serial converter/COM Port number not getting on with M2M Studio.

I noticed that things have changed. Luckily I had also downloaded the OpenAT 2.31 (RC1) bundle - which does import into M2M Studio 1.0.2 OK.

Looking forward to trying again when the refactored 1.2 is released.

Thanks, Dave

great… crashes also happening while using the usb-port on the Q26 devkit

can’t wait for the next release…
(2 logs included)[attachment=0]crashlogs.rar[/attachment]
ok, when i try to conenct is crashes,

i needed to restart my module to regain access to it…

I spoke too soon!

It has just crashed: the moment I clicked the ‘Connect’ button, M2MStudio just disappeared - no messages; just gone! :open_mouth:

I’ve always been using USB-to-Serial converters to UART1 of a Fastrack Supreme so far - this was the first time that I’ve used the Fastrack’s USB port…

Just happened again: pressed the connect button, it showed ‘connecting’ for a while, then crashed.
Again, M2MStudio just disappeared - no messages; just gone!
This time using an FTDI USB-to-RS232 cable at 921600 baud.

But I’ve just realised that the target is switched off!
Clearly, that shouldn’t cause anything to crash - but maybe there’s a clue there…?

I am using M2M studio 1.0.2 since june 2009. At the beginning I also had many crashes. Then I updated the FTDI USB to serial chip driver in my laptop. Since then haven’t had a single crash.

Mine’s just crashed again on the FTDI cable.

So, what version were you using when it kept crashing?

And what version are you using now, that seems more reliable?

And again.

Seems to be something about the “first” time it tries to connect: it will crash on the “first” attempt, but be OK the next…