M2M 1.0 problem connecting target


In M2M1.0 when i click connect button i am getting pup up window showing the below message

No Target Detected

"No Response from target. Please check that it is connected to your serial port
and switch on.  You are connected to Selima driver which only allow you
to configure the serial port parameters."

I have given correct settings but still i am getting this problem.

Sometimes it gives target connected but it not gives any target information when i click Refresh Target info icon!


I invite you to upgrade to a more recent version of M2M Studio (1.1.1 released in last November).


I am trying to download 1.1.1 but after sometime its getting session timeout and got disconnected. I try several times same thing is happening.
Please tell any other method to download.
We have low speed internet connection.


Contact your distributor, and ask them to send you a CD?

Or maybe your distributor could make it available on an FTP site?


Thanks Guys!

i will contact our distributor


Does it require to uninstall M2M1.0 before installing 1.1.1


Discuss your requirement with your distributor, and ensure that he sends whatever you require!


i doubt my distributor would have a faster answer than asking here on this question.

you need to install into a new directory.
also projects opened by 1.1.1 are converted, so you can’t open them in 1.0


The point was that he was asking his distributor to provide it - as the website wasn’t working for him.
Thus he needs to liase with the distributor to find out what exactly will be provided, and what prerequisites that would have…


that was his original point…
now he was asking if he needed to uninstall M2M 1.0 before installing 1.1.1


Yes this was my actual point in my previous post reply!


I installed M2m1.1.1 and using hello_world as my fist project.

Buid is showing success as below


genBin : Version v1a06 Copyright (c) WAVECOM
genBin : No Error
Build complete for project helloworld
Time consumed: 1562  ms.

When i try to download “[target}_ARM_ELF_GCC_debug” to target result is giving Error while downloading and Remote Shell showing as below

+WIND: 13
+WIND: 1
+WDWL: 0

what wrong i am doing ?


are the firmware/os versions the same on M2Mstudio and your device?


I didn’t got the meaning of “Same on M2MStudio”

Where can i see this information ie. Firmware and OS currently chosen for my project in M2M?

My M2M studio Target Info Tree showing

Application OS: None
State : None


on M2M studio you’re compiling for a certain firmware version (eg “Open AT Firmware Package (7.4.0.a.200912041916)”)
you need to have the same firmware version on your module (eg. “R74a00gg.Q2686H 2106632 102809 12:57”)

based on the error you’re describing, i think your module uses an older firmware version, but you’ve created your program for a newer firmware version.
you can find on the forum how to upgrade your modem,
or you can ask your distributor for the right software packages which you can import into M2M studio.


It’s a bit like making an application for a PC: if you build the application to run on Vista, it won’t work on Win-95 :exclamation:


This is My versions of my module.

[TX] -at+cgmr<CR><LF>

[RX] - <CR><LF>
657d09gg.Q24PL001 1956364 052907 16:50<CR><LF>

[TX] - at+wopen=2<CR><LF>

[RX] - <CR><LF>
+WOPEN: 2,"AT  v03.12"<CR><LF>

Can i import the existing OpenAT suite packages that was shipped with old moudle myself to M2M using package import wizard
will it workout?

In fact i already done the above step.

Asking our distributor and getting the things takes more time.


While creating project in Open AT project creation Wizard I am checking the check boxes

Open AT OS Package(


I cannot find the connect target perspective in the latest version. Just on 1.0.1
Is there something i’ve missed?

OPS, yes, I’ve missed a more deep search… Found in this post here

Sotware ( M2M ) must run as XP+Admin …


hi guys,

I am also getting the same problem.
Can any one give solution?