1.1.1 [target management] connect button

seems that the ‘connect’ button keeps going out of sync
it keeps reverting to ‘connect’ while still connected

it still disconnects when pressed while saying ‘connect’, but it’s a bit confusing.

We’re aware of this…
Please keep the faith for Target Management enhancements in 1.2 release… :confused:

As long as i know you know it :smiley:
looking very much forward to 1.2

keep up the good work :exclamation:

is there a list available with planned fixes for 1.2?

I’m not going to elaborate a full list, but here are the main goals of this release:

  • Completely refactor the internal target communication system, and make it not depend anymore on Selima (will bring support for Target Management on Linux systems). Selima will be still present for compatibility with RTE mode (which requires it), but will be launched only in this case.
  • As a consequence, we have good confidence to have a great increase of stability and performances.
  • Take care to fix as much GUI behavior small bugs as possible

To be honnest, this is a huge work, and you’ll have to be a little bit more patient: the 1.2.0 release is currently planned near end of Q1/beginning of Q2 2010.