connecting to target

When the connect button is pressed and the com-port settings are wrong (or the target is unresponsive for another reason). you get a message box saying there is no responce from the target. But, the application still thinks it’s connected.
You have to switch to the serial link manager to find out what the problem is, then go back to m2m studio to correct the problem (after first pressing ‘disconnect’ as the program wrongly thinks it’s connected to the target.)

this is not a very logical approach. and i hope this can be addressed in the next release.

Actually, I understand that the tool stays “connected” if there is no issue with the COM port, but the target doesn’t answer (e.g. not plugged or crashed): it is the same with other tools like TMT, HyperTerminal or others. You don’t “connect to the target”, you open the serial port… If behind the target doesn’t answer, it’s another issue.

But on the other hand, I agree there is a bug: when COM settings are wrong, M2M Studio shall not go to “connected” state, but it shall warn me that the COM settings are wrong :exclamation:

problem is that m2m studio says it’s connected even when the com-port configured doesn’t even exists.

actually, m2m studio doesn’t connect to the com-port. it connects to the serial link manager. wich in turn connects to the serial port. (or reports an error to it’s own log-screen).

I have found that M2M does not retain – or maybe even recognize – COM ports beyond COMx:
I’ve not sure what “x” might be, but it is certainly less than 30.
Vista assigns my USB-to-Serial cable to COM34, but M2M always reverts to COM3 which is the modem on the laptop.
Fixing it means going to the Hardware Manager and forcing the COM34 to COM4 for M2M.

I’ve the same issue: when connecting to my COM24…
it’s working but if I look at the M2M Studio connection settings once it’s connected, or after disconnection, it has saved “COM2” instead of “COM24”. So when I try to connect again, it goes on COM2…

I’ve made a try with dummy ports like COM39 or COM41, and it saves COM3 or COM4… Sounds like it only manages 1 digit COM ports… :frowning:

10 works for me, 16 as well

But once you’re connected, if you display the connection settings in M2M Studio, the COM port number stays 10/16, or is reset to 1?


I’ve noticed a similar issue when using COM10 - the Target Manager Settings are always reset back to COM1.

If I manually change the COM port setting to 10, and connect I will get a connection - and mousing over the Serial Link Manager icon indicates that I am connected to COM10. If I Disconnect and attempt to re-connect, I find the COM port number has been reset to 1.

Manually forcing the COM port in the Serial Link Manager isn’t permanent either - upon connection from the Target Manager the COM port settings are reset.

I haven’t noticed this on my laptop - which is using COM7…

ciao, Dave

indeed, resets to 1(in the beta this was a drop-down box with com1-4)