M2M Com port handling

I’m debugging an app that uses the UART1, so I have a plug-in card with USB and use the serial to USB facility. I can get it generally to work, the issue is when opening and closing Uarts M2M has a great difficulty in reconnecting.
e.g. to download some new code my typical cycle is something like this. (My app uses uart1 at 9600 in data mode)
Set Serial Port Settings to COM 2 , 115200. Hit OK
Hit Connect.
Open Shell
Type AT+WOPEN=0 (to stop my app which uses uart1) loses connection, no OK received.
Disconnect (button doesn’t reset so have to hit C/C++ then Target Management again to reset the button)
Open shell and check AT+WOPEN? if successful
Disconnect (reset button again as above)
Open Settings, set to COM 1, 9600. Hit OK
hit Connect. Connect fails. Shut down M2M, re-open, connects this time.
Open shell, at+IPR=115200. Open settings and set rate to 115200 to match.
Hit Connect. Connect fails. Try Baudrate search. Fails. Shut M2M. Re-open Connect.
Chech shell is responding, Download. OK!!
Reset Connect button.
Change setting to COM2 , 115200
fails to connect. Try again (Rest the button again). Fails
Disconnect. (Rest the button again).
Power cycle FSU.
Connect. Fails.
Close M2M.
Open Device manager. For Wavecom Modem. Power cycle. Hit Properties. Hit Query button until get a response.
Open M2M.
Open Shell . Type AT+WOPEN=1
Shell looses connection, so Reset Connection button.
Reset Connect button.Disconnect.
Connect. . If i’m lucky it connects.
Then I can try the new code. But by this time I’m about ready to throw the thing out the window. :imp:
If I open a serial terminal program to test the connection, it always connects no problem.
Is this just me, or do other have a similar problem? :question:
I’m on Vista by the way.

In your revisions of M2M can you get rid of the “Target connected” confirmation button, a timed message will do.
The set connections box should have a button to then connect, rather than clicking OK , then hitting the connect button.
And the Connect button should reset once pressed.
And if a shell has lost connection it would be helpful if this was indicated, or perhaps even try to re-connect?

Agreed - it’s just an unnecessary impediment to the work flow!

I don’t think even that would be useful - the fact that the ‘Connecting’ box disappears is enough confirmation that the process has finished!

Cross-reference: viewtopic.php?f=78&t=3466&p=13738#p13738

Ah yes. Well put that man.

And I think your USB->Serial bug is another one of the things that is driving me up the wall as listed above.

Glad its not just me I suppose. Life was much easier before using two com ports. Sigh.

Hiya Ben,

Just out of interest, try using a powered hub with your USB-Serial device, rather than plugging directly into the PC.

I’ve got a curious case here where the USB-Serial converter (FTDI based) works on my laptop using a powered hub - but doesn’t work (correctly) on my dev PC…

ciao, Dave