X-Modem Error

I am working in Q2687 wireless CPU . On trying the sample code of Uart Access .dwl file in M2M studio 1.0.2 in TARGET MANAGET MODE it is showing X Modem error after setting the default baud rate(9600) . Every time it is showing the same error during

Did you changed the baud rate on both sides (M2M Studio – in the UI before connecting, and target – thanks to AT+IPR command)?

I have set both the baud rate in serial link manager and settings in TARGET MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVE MODE to 9600 it is showing X- Modem error and also i can use AT commands. But on using 115200 baud rate on both the sides the error is not shown and i cannot use any AT commands in the shell.

Normally you shouldn’t have to touch anything in the Serial Link Manager: modifying the baud rate in M2M Studio is enough.
Did you made the try to download using HyperTerminal software?