M2M 1.1.1 Missing Target Managment


I downloaded and installed M2M 1.1.1. Using the wizard I created a sample “Hello World” demo app. When I went to connect to the Wireless CPU I was unable to find the “Target Management” Perspective. I tried Window > Open Perspective > Other but it is not listed. Any suggestions?

I am running Windows 7 x64.


Did you use the provided Software Installer, or did you install M2M Studio over an existing Eclipse platform?
Do you have a “Show all” checkbox in the “Open Perspective” dialog? Enabling it should reveal the Target Management perspective if it was hidden.

However, Windows 7 is currently not included into our testing environment, but it is planned to be setup for the next release.


M2M from OpenATSoftwareSuite2.31FullInstaller.exe works under Windows 7, but the installer and m2mstudio.exe have to be run with administrator privileges and Windows XP mode.

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