Windows 7


Since today (22/10/2009) is the official launch (here in Oz, anyway) of Windows 7, I was wondering if anyone has tried M2M Studio under the Windows 7 release candidate that’s been available for the last couple of months. No, I’m not a Windows fanboi lining up to get the latest OS at 9:00 am - it’s just that I feel a new PC is coming in the next month or so and need to know if I go through the grief of trying to get another copy of XP for the new box, or bite the bullet and go straight to Windows 7…

I know there were a number of issues getting M2M Studio to run on Vista…

ciao, Dave

From our experience and the feedback we get, there are no issues anymore with Vista since M2M Studio 1.0.2

About Windows 7, honnestly we didn’t make the test but according to the “great compatibility” advertisement published by Microsoft, we have good hope not having issues with it.
Anyway, any beta-testing experience will be welcome on the forum :wink: (and we will include Windows 7 in our test campaign ASAP)

I also haven’t had the chance to try windows 7, but i suspect there will be a lot less problems in the xp/vista -> 7 transition then there were with the xp -> vista transition.
still it would be good to know if anyone has tried this.

Thanks All.

Looks like it’s going to be a suck it and see approach…

ciao, Dave

I was using M2M Studio under Windows 7. I had to run it in Windows XP compatibility mode. Since this mode is only in professional and higher version of Windows 7 you should be careful while selecting operating system.

Out of interest, is that due to Eclipse in general, or is it specifically M2MStudio?

Is M2MStudio assumed to be a “professional” tool…?


Thanks for that - much appreciated.

ciao, Dave