Help! I can't install the Software Suite on Win7

[size=150]I download the Sierra Wireless Software Suite from ,about 480m.
when I install it,it stop at “initializing” and then never chang.
anybody install the software on Win7,if my software is wrong[/size]?

[size=150]Oh no you didn’t[/size] :exclamation:

Please run any software installer and M2M Studio in Windows XP compatibility mode when using Windows 7.
These issues are fixed in the next release.

Hey daav, any rough idea when we can expect the next release? I just lost again the whole target management (it is blank) and selima takes some time to even show up (that’s with all the xp sp3 compatibility and admin mode). It seems even with all the compatibility stuff is inclined to just break in W7x64.

We’re preparing a 1.1.2 release for fixing several issues (including Windows 7 support) and bring some new ones. It should be available somewhere near the middle of May.
By the way, the TM refactoring we’re doing in background still plans to be integrated in a future 1.2.0 version, which should be released this summer (hoping that we can provide beta version before to collect your feedback).

Such is the way of software development…!

Sounds goold, gl and have fun with it, and for testing, I’m always fan of new and shiny (and buggy) softwares to test :wink:

Probably you are still young and enthusiastic. :slight_smile:

Interresting slip of the tongue :unamused:
I was actually meaning that the new version will provide some new features, but it’s probably true that it will also bring new bugs…