Sierra Wireless Software Suite installation trouble



I’m a new member to this forum and not quite sure if this is the correct place for this topic.

I’ve downloaded Sierra Wireless Software Suite Full Installer (Minimum PC configuration: Java 1.6.x and Windows® XP, Vista, 7) and java (jdk-6u18-windows-i586.exe). So I installed the java. When trying to install the Sierra Wireless software suite it just doesn’t do anything. When I double click the “Sierra Wireless Software Suite v2-31 Full Installer.exe” it doesn’t do anything (red sierra icon). I’ve deleted the “Sierra Wireless Software Suite v2-31 Full Installer.exe” and cleared my browsers cache and offline content and downloaded it again (222MB). But it still doesn’t do anything when I double click or press enter on the exe. No process is started in the Task manager either. I’ve also tried restarting the PC. But still no luck.

Any ideas?

I’m running Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Thanks you