'Launching program.axf' has encountered a problem

I’m testing the behaviour of a new HW design and I’m ussing an existing code for testing. This code has been working on 1.07.01 version of the IDE. With M2M Studio I’ve got the following mesage when I try to run the aplication
“‘Launching program.axf’ has encountered a problem”
On details there is no more usefull information:
“Error starting process.
Cannot run program “$path$\program.axf”: Launching failed
Cannot run program “$path$\program.axf”: Launching failed
Cannot run program “$path$\program.axf”: Launching failed”

Any idea? I need remote runnig working!!! :open_mouth:

This sounds like a bad run configuration setup…
See http://www.wavecom.com/modules/movie/scenes/forums/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=3059
(the topic concerns RTE mode, but it’s the same with target mode)
When you want to run your application, you have:

  • Either to make sure that you have just clicked on your project in the Project Explorer, before going to the Run Configuration… dialog and double-click on Open AT Target category
  • Or, still in the Project Explorer, right click on your project and go to Run As > Run Configurations… menu and double-click on Open AT Target category

From there, you should have a correct run configuration and be able to download and run your application on the Target.

Next step.
Thanks daav, you’re middle rigth. :confused: If you Run the program as Open AT Target it works pretty well, but… You try to run this as Open AT RTE, “Run” is not available. See the image attached.
I don’ know way, M2M doesn’t generate rte_Kernel.exe on “[Target]_ARM_ELF_GCC_Debug”. Maybe, more configuration, but don’t know where to look.
Thanks for help.

Actually, application has to be rebuilt in order to be ran in RTE mode
(since in RTE the application runs on the PC, it has to be built with the Windows compiler (MinGW), while in target mode it has to be built with ARM GCC cross-compiler)

So you need to create a new Build configuration in order to rebuild your application: right-click on your project, and go to Open AT > Manage Configurations
There, select the MinGW_Debug configuration in the drop-down list and click OK
From there, your application will be rebuilt in RTE mode (you can change the active Build config in the drop-down list close to the hammer toolbar icon)

Once built in RTE mode, same idea to create the RTE Run configuration: right-click on the project, Run As > Run Configurations…, double-click on Open AT RTE…
And all should be OK.

Thanks daav.
I propouse for the next version of M2M studio, that all this configurantions (remote/target, debug/release) are generated by default… It would simplify a lot our lives