No RTE Configuration Visible [V1.0]



My Studio doesn’t show any RTE configurations. Only Target Configurations are available. Is this normal? I need to debug my application but couldn’t find a RTE configuration to
select. Attached is my screenshot.



Hey Erdal,

When you create a project with M2M Studio, by default it uses the ARM ELF GCC Toolchain for target mode.
If you want to use the RTE mode, you have:

  • either to choose also the [RTE] MinGW toolchain (by Ctrl+Click) at project creation time in the wizard first step
  • or, once your project is created, add a new configuration with the following steps:
    [*] Right-click on your project in Project Explorer
  • Select Open AT > Manage Configurations menu
  • Select Open AT Application > [RTE] MinGW > [RTE]_MinGW_Debug in the drop-down list
  • Click Finish: a new RTE configuration should added to your project.

From there you should be able to use the RTE mode :exclamation: