No RTE mode in Linux !?

Hello all, I am new on this forum.
I only work with Linux, and I successfully installed developer studio SDK over my eclipse Helios. Everything works well except the RTE debug mode which doesn’t appear in “Debug As” selection list.
I searched on this forum and found old messages which explain that RTE mode is not available in Linux. It seems it’s always the case, but what is the technical reason about that ?

It seems the RTE mode use MinGW :

When working under Linux we directly have all GNU tools available, thus technically why RTE mode is not available under Linux ?

RTE mode is really great to test application without upload the code each time in the target, it will be a very good thing to have it under Linux, because I think more and more developers work under Linux now :smiley:


Thanks for your positive feedback :wink:

RTE is indeed not available under Linux, since it relies on legacy libraries and tools entirely based on Windows-specific MFC & COM technologies (in Open AT early days, RTE was firstly working with MS Visual Studio; MinGW usage was introduced to make it runnable from Eclipse).

It’s true that RTE can be considered as an hybrid solution somewhere between debugging & simulation facilities, but to be honest, todays it would have a too heavy maintenance cost WRT. its reliability. Since FW 7.45, we’re privileging the embedded GDB solution as THE recommended debugging solution, also working on Linux. RTE won’t be maintained in future versions.

So yes, it’s necessary to redownload the application each time, but until getting a reliable simulation solution (as close as possible to the embedded behavior), maybe it’s a better solution to keep users aware of the embedded apps constraints. We already got feedbacks of users who made their development using the RTE, and then who fought for hours simply to make it run on the target (RTE has no watchdog, no memory limitations…).

Hi daav, thank you very much for your explanation !
For now I don’t received my modem yet thus I don’t know how many time it will take to download the software on the target, but I think it will be fast, thus it’s true that it’s not a big problem is RTE is not available. This is already a very good thing to be able to develop under linux !! :smiley: