Is RTE debugging with MINGW supported anymore?

I want to test debugging with RTE, and I created a new hello world project. I use the latest Framework, OS, Firmware. However, when I get to the step “Toolchains and Configutations” in the New Open AT Project wizard the option for [RTE] MinGW is not there at all. The only option I have is [Target] ARM EABI GCC. If I select the older Framework 2.35 then the option [RTE] MinGW appears in the “Toolchains and Configuraitons” step, but I cannot select it since it is grayed out.

I read several times in different forum threads that in the future RTE debugging won’t be supported (especially by user daav, which I believe is a Sierra employee). So, has that time come?

The weird thing is that I remember that I was able to select [RTE] MinGW when I first installed DS a month or so ago, but I can’t any more. In the meantime I might have updated DS to the latest version (I have, and that might have got rid off the [RTE] MinGW option. If that is not the case, then is there some kind of change to the DS configuration to be able to do RTE debugging?


To be completely exact, DS 2.2.1 is still able to run RTE on FW which support it.
But it’s true that RTE support has been removed from Open AT Application Framework 2.51
Starting from this version, you’re invited to use embedded GDB for debugging purpose.