Help with RTE mode

I have the Q2686 dev kit and I’m trying to get to grips with debugging in M2M. But whenever I try to debug one of the samples (eg hello world) using ‘Debug As… Open AT RTE Application’ the Q2686 seems to power-off and the connection is broken. The ‘Run As’ target build seems OK and works as expected. I’m perhaps missing an obvious step when I try RTE ?

Please check these points:

  • did you build your application in [RTE]_MinGW_Debug build configuration?
  • does your application configuration points on the same Open AT Firmware version than the one currently running on the target?


Yes I first set Build Configurations/Set Active/[RTE]_MinGW_Debug, then hit Hammer button, which seems to generate new OatAppli.dll.

In fact I just tried it in a completely new and clean workspace, using Hello_World sample. Same thing happens, I right click the Hello_World program, select Debug As/Open AT RTE Application, the Remote Task Monitor pops up and then the CPU immediately powers off as soon as I hit the Start button.

I’m not sure what you mean by configuration points ?


Actually, starting the RTE debug requires to reset the target.
Are you sure this is a power off, and not only a reset?
Another hint: maybe your ON/OFF switch is set on the OFF position on the development kit. This could explain why the reset asked by the RTE mode lead to powering off the target.

You were right, I was just pulsing the ‘on’ switch to turn the modem on, so the reset from running RTE was turning the modem off.

This is a big help, and I have had some success already with debugging the hello world program (adding breakpoints etc).

Thanks for your help.