wip_netInit RTE DEBUG



Im running M2M studio 2.0.0
Modem fsu002
FW 7.45

I’m trying to debug in RTE mode but my debuging halts when I call wip_netInit.

I have read in several post that this has to do with the stacksize when debugging.

I’m currently using the adl_InitTasks_t table to set the application stack size.
Ive tried various sizes but none seem to work.

Am i looking in the right place to fix this issue? If so how can I calculate the exact size for RTE debugging.

Thank you


Hi ,

This was a known problem and it was fixed in the firmware version R7.43, mostly you
should not face a problem if you are using R7.45. Have you tried running your application
in any of the previous firmware versions :question: