wip_netInit breaks debugging

I have a weird problem… After i updated our Q2687 project to firmware 7.4a, i cannot debug our software any more!

As soon as the code execution reaches wip_netInit, the code execution stops, but the modem doesn’t restart. It just kind of hangs there. This is in RTE mode.

I’ve tried increasing both the custom stack size and irq low/hi level stack sizes all the way up to 8KB with no success.

If i compile my application for target, then it runs perfectly!

What can be the cause of this?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that i’m also subscribed to the Error system, but I never get any error message when the above problem occurs.

EDIT 2: I also tried moving wip_netInit so that it is first executed when there is an available GSM connection. This doest not help either.